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Tailors on Both Sides
by Anita Canter

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In this moving memoir, Liverpool psychotherapist Anita Canter writes about past generations of her family and their migration from Eastern Europe to Denmark and Sweden, bringing to life their history and their close-knit relationships. She tells the story of the rescue of the Danish Jews by their fellow citizens during the Holocaust and her own family’s escape. Told with honesty and insight, this is ultimately a tale of survival and renewal.

From Tailors on Both Sides:

My brother Bent and I should not be here today. In October 1943, when the Nazis had planned to capture all the Jews of Denmark and send them to concentration camps, the Danish people carried out the most amazing rescue operation and managed to save nearly 7,000 of their Jewish citizens.

I was three years old, and my parents (my mother being six months pregnant) and my father’s sister Poula were betrayed, and we were first sent to Vestre Fængsel, the main prison in Copenhagen, and later to Horserød prison camp in North Sjælland.

Miraculously we were saved at the very last minute. On the same day as all the other Jewish people in Horserød were sent to the concentration camp,Theresienstadt, we were set free because my mother was a Swedish citizen.

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Tailors on Both Sides cover

Tailors on Both Sides
by Anita Canter

Published in March 2010
by Tollington Press

Price £9.99

ISBN 978-0-9560173-4-5

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