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Into Temptation
by Sophia Blackwell

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Into Temptation is the debut collection of poems from Sophia Blackwell, a regular on the UK poetry scene who has been holding crowds spellbound for over five years in bars, nightclubs and festival tents.

Sophia takes us through love in all its guises - burning obsession, one-night stands that last too long, domestic bliss, and the insecurities in even the most loving relationships. Here also is a series of elegies for the everyday - the quiet, mysterious pleasures of Tube journeys, cats, and spaghetti sauce.

Into Temptation is all lipstick, corsets and hedonistic jazz-fuelled rhythms, raging against and revelling in life.

Praise for Sophia Blackwell:

'If Amy Winehouse wrote poetry, she might sound like this... her work has emotional depth as well as immediate impact.' - DIVA Magazine

'Blackwell's poems deliver what poetry usually only promises... astonishingly intricate, precise, witty, self-aware and formally complete.' - Will Holloway

'Her brilliant rhymes turn me on and make me laugh simultaneously. Her "f*** it" attitude is infectious - you can't help but like her.' - Spoonfed London

'Some of Sophia Blackwell's poems read like Nico should be singing them to John Cale's viola, some as if Shakespeare's slut sister taught him all he knew, while others are as new as the next dawn. Dirty, juicy, knowing and open - works for me.' - Stella Duffy

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Into Temptation

Into Temptation
by Sophia Blackwell

Published in September 2009
by Tollington Press

Price £8.99

ISBN 978-0-9560173-1-4

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