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Rights of Passage
A play by Clare Summerskill


What happens when lesbians and gay men seek asylum in the UK?

Who is welcome, who is locked up and who is deported?

Using real-life stories, this play explores the struggles and triumphs of LGBT people who have fled here from persecution in anti-gay countries, including Uganda, Iran and Malaysia. Moving, disturbing, but ultimately offering hope through solidarity, Rights of Passage is verbatim theatre at its finest.

"You leave your own country in fear of your life. You come here to be free. But now you are friendless, penniless, jobless, and scared to present yourself to the Home Office, in case they don't believe that you're gay – in case they send you back."

"The most powerful and accurate portrayal of LGBT asylum seeker stories I've ever watched." —UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group Member


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Rights of Passage
by Clare Summerskill

Published 2016
by Tollington Press

Price £8.99

ISBN 978-1-909347-11-3

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