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Hearing Voices
by Clare Summerskill

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A powerful and groundbreaking play about real people's experiences on an NHS psychiatric ward

'Clare Summerskill's play has opened my eyes because the treatment Clare perceived as wrong, inhuman, unjust, uncalled for… I had been accepting that as the norm because I was a bad, naughty, bipolar person. I felt I deserved it. However, watching the play showed me and the rest of the audience that there is a big problem in the nuthouse with the NHS, which should be changed. At least, thanks to the massive talents of Clare Summerskill, you're hearing our voices.' —Deb Ethalion, service user and play interviewee

'Hearing Voices is very very important and disturbing. I set up Maytree because of people saying what Clare is saying and dying because the fear of hospital was so great.' —Paddy Bazeley, director of Maytree, a sanctuary for the suicidal

'I love the play and thought it a powerful indictment of the current system of "care" around mental health and how this causes more harm and damage to those already suffering the damaging effects of trauma.' —Psychotherapist

'Fantastic! This subject area must be brought into the public domain for understanding and stigma reduction.' —NHS carer

'I knew from the start that all I saw was true, not fiction based on a few facts. It was a disturbing experience for me as a carer.' —Healthcare professional

'Very near the mark. As a service user I feel it is about time someone exposed the many faults of the system. Well done!' —Service user

This book accompanied a UK tour of Hearing Voices. Clare Summerskill is available for talks and is producing a DVD:


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Hearing Voices cover

Hearing Voices
by Clare Summerskill

Published in April 2010
by Tollington Press

Price £8.99

ISBN 978-0-9560173-3-8

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