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Now You See Me:
Lesbian Life Stories edited by Jane Traies


Older lesbians talk about their lives

Now You See Me draws on a unique new archive of life stories, recorded by Jane Traies. In their own words, women from across the UK recreate a time when being lesbian meant hiding your true identity – or paying the price for breaking society's rules. The personal is still political in this moving and inspiring book.


'I went to a very nice Freudian psychiatrist who said, "I don't think there's much wrong
with you, darling; I think your boyfriend's got a problem."'

'We spent most of the night listening to Dusty Springfield and snogging each other's faces off.'

'I'd seen her before and thought, "That looks nice." So I cycled very slowly and eventually she caught me up and asked me out for a drink.'

'I wish I knew if there was somebody like me here in the retirement houses. But you
can't just go up and ask.'


'A precious collection of personal, powerful, and heartfelt histories of previously undocumented lesbian lives.' ­­Clare Summerskill

Praise for Jane Traies's previous book, The Lives of Older Lesbians:

'Nuanced, stimulating, and clearly written.' Margaret Cruikshank, University of Maine

'What a welcome study! Lush in stories and rich in analysis…
a compelling read.' Ken Plummer, University of Essex



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Now You See Me
edited by Jane Traies

Published 2018
by Tollington Press

Price £11.99

ISBN 978-1-909347-10-6

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