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Gateway to Heaven: The Play
by Clare Summerskill


Out of the shadows, into the spotlight

'We said, we're not going to be second-class citizens. Freedom isn't something that's given you forever, you have to fight for it every day, and we had to bloody well fight'

This moving and witty play is written entirely from the memories of older lesbians and gay men. Scripted by Clare Summerskill and toured by her theatre company, Artemis, after a sell-out run at London's Ovalhouse, this celebratory drama is now available in print for the first time.

'An exemplary testament, without sentimentality, humorously self-deprecating and invaluable for young and old alike in reminding us what it was like, back then, in the 40s, 50s and early 60s, in contrast with the freedoms since so hard-won and so taken for granted' – New Statesman

'A fascinating, involving piece, which directly engages the audience with its spark, warmth and wit' – Theatreworld



Note: This is a companion volume to Clare Summerskill's oral history Gateway to Heaven




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Gateway to Heaven: The Play
by Clare Summerskill

Published July 2019
by Tollington Press

Price £8.99

ISBN 978-1-909347-14-4

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